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2019 FIRST Robot


Team 4639, the RoboSpartans created the robot, Prosperity, with mechanisms as stated below:

  • Mecanum Drivetrain

  • Ball Intake/Outtake

  • Elevator

  • Disk Intake/Outtake

This robot competed with the FIRST in Texas Channelview and Del Rio District Events. Team 4639 was also at the Houston Championship in the Roebling Division for the first time in team history.

2019 FIRST Robot: Research
2019 FIRST Robot: Pro Gallery

My Role

As a freshman in high school, I tried to become as integrated and involved in the team as possible. Initially, as the year started, I was more interested in programming the robot, for which I learned java and crucial computer science topics throughout the year. Alongside this, I explored my interests in mechanical and electrical, learning everything from basic mechanic tasks such as milling, lathing, soldering, and crimping. As I gradually started to gain knowledge, I had a pretty solid understanding of creating something and designing something from scratch using nuts, bolts, sheet metal, and bearings. With this, I became a prominent freshman on the team with high potential as I got my head into everything I could learn.

2019 FIRST Robot: Text

FIRST in Texas Remix Competition 

2019 FIRST Robot: Video

Game Animation

2019 FIRST Robot: Video
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