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2020 FIRST Robotics


Team 4639, the RoboSpartans created the robot, Beskar, with mechanisms as stated below:

  • Tank Drivetrain with Omni Wheels

  • Ball Intake

  • Ball Shooter

  • Turret

  • Hook Climbing

This robot competed in the 2020 Channelview competition in Houston and was placed 3rd and was a team captain for the tournament. The robot did not compete in Fort Worth and Louisiana because concerns about COVID-19.

2020 FIRST Robot: Research
2020 FIRST Robot: Pro Gallery

My Role

My role for the 2019-2020 FRC Build Season was to help manage and lead the electrical team by being the electrical director assistant. Because of this, I did everything from soldering, wiring motors, distributing power throughout the system, eliminating short possibilities, and making space for the electrical and pneumatic systems. Additionally, the initial prototype stages were crucial for me to develop my engineering skills as I worked on everything from the intake, shooter, and turret mechanically. We wired the robot using instrumentation and equipment such as the National Instruments RoboRIO, PWM wire, CAN wire, Talon SRX, Victor SPX, Power Distribution Panel, Voltage Regulator Module, Pneumatics Control Module, and OpenMesh OM5P-AN.

2020 FIRST Robot: Text

FIRST in Texas Channelview Quarterfinal

2020 FIRST Robot: Video

2020 Game Animation

2020 FIRST Robot: Video

Prototype for Ball Intake

2020 FIRST Robot: Video
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