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Middle School Winter Java Camp


Hosted through Team 4639, The RoboSpartans, The Middle School Winter Camp was a fundraiser hosted in our community to teach kids about AP Computer Science A and introduce them to essential CS topics such as syntax and data structures. We inspired many students to start learning to program and gave them free resources to learn more about their camp. Overall, we raised over $3000 from this camp for our club.

Middle School Winter Java Camp: Project
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My Role

This was a project that I had to perform under immense time pressures as we needed to raise a large chunk of money before our build season started in January. I was told to start planning this camp as early as the beginning of November. My small team organized everything from the lesson plans, teaching, tests, and quizzes.  This experience allowed me to discover that I loved teaching. The kids were very bright, and the feeling I got when they became excited about learning about creating something from scratch motivated me immensely.

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Business Aspect

This was probably the most impressive and most intensive Business project that I have done. I combined two things that I loved the most, business and computer science. For this project, I had to do everything from advertising, marketing to the community, fixing prices, making presentations to our mentors, and even making a profit for our team. With expenses, we made a net profit of about $3000; however, if I had been given more time to advertise, I would've driven the price up to and increased the classroom size. I realized that the demand in our community was very high with limited options, so it was a great source of income for our team. Despite this, I also hoped to make camps accessible to students, which was the basis of my following outreach projects.

Middle School Winter Java Camp: Text

Full Introduction Slide Show

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