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2021 Technology Student Association Video Game Design

In developing this game, I wanted to make a game that was graphically satisfying with a solid story. I made sure that the visual effects of the game were the best that I could possibly have achieved using the Unity engine.  This project is something that I wish we had more time to work on because it was definitely very enjoyable to work on.

After some experience with Unity after Type Runner, it is safe to say that I most definitely improved my skills with the Unity game engine. I am very happy with the final product of this game and I hope that I can spend more time on it in the future, either creating more mechanisms, content for the game, or immersive environments that the player could go through.

The game was submitted for Technology Student Association's Gulf Regional Competition, but because of submission discrepancies that we did not have control over, our video demo was never judged, so we did not get to compete. However, I still believe that this game was a lot better than Type Runner and is artistically fit.

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Behind the Game

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Moneel Patel


Ebaad Imran

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