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2020 Technology Student Association Video Game Design

​Type Runner was my first ever involvement in the art of game development. My programming, modeling, graphic design, and planning skills all came together in one project. My initial inexperience inspired me to keep going and make the best introduction game I could make. I love a competitive video game to play with my friends, which I sought to do with Type Runner.

Replicated after the athletics aspect of the world-renowned Olympics, Type Runner is an action-packed track and field game designed to increase one’s typing ability and develop the critical skill of keyboarding. Type Runner’s twist from usual typing software or games encompasses the excitement of sports and competition into education and social value. With a society transforming with technology, the primitive skill of keyboarding has become a staple in the corporate world. It is expected to be known extremely well in millions of work environments around the globe. Type Runner is a prime example of how motor-sensory skills can be turned into a second nature quickly and effectively with quick results. The competition aspect of Type Racer is not only intense but also very entertaining. The game’s ability to mark one’s high score, total time ran, and speed allows for the ability to compare results with others; thus, creating friendly competition and intense match-ups with friends or colleagues that are confident in their typing ability. This function of the game has a social value that can improve friendship bonds and promote social interaction through a skill that many people share.

We competed in the Gulf Area conference and qualified for the Texas State competition hosted in Fort Worth, Texas. However, state competition got canceled due to COVID-19.

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Behind the Game

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Moneel Patel


Ebaad Imran

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